[News] Pricing

The next time around when one of my client asks about pricing... I am going to give them the different options. Cost-based, demand-based, value-based, market-based and more and also add "conspiracy-based" pricing at the end - It clearly works -

Focus your resources on hiding it from authorities and less on developing models and methodologies.

Seeing a Person: A conversation we should all have and reflect

There was this really interesting post from Nate Pyle -

I agree that it is an important conversation to be had, but I would only take the conversation to the next level.

- Seeing a man as a person/ human
- Seeing a woman as a person/ human
- Seeing a black person as a person/ human
- Seeing a Muslim/ Hindu person as a person/ human
- Seeing a Mexican/ Arab person as a person/ human
- Seeing the Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras as a person/ human
- Seeing a poor person as a person/ human
- Seeing somebody from any class as a person/ human
- Seeing a common man as a person/ human

The problem is not looking at somebody with just the gender bias, but with "any" bias at all. That's what our value system is ought to be. That's the conversation I want to have with my daughter(s) and son(s).

Thoughts on Syria

People should stop getting exited about war and despise it!

I live a very simple life - but think in a complicated way. And here is my thought on what is happening in Syria. Chemical Attack and the potential of Western Powers/ NATO (Yes! That organization that will exist and survive only when war happens and people die) leashing their weaponry on Syria. Why the hell does the "civilized West" always want war and eagerly looking out for reasons to bomb somebody? I do not understand how somebody can condemn chemical attacks and use that as a reason to go to war and bomb people - unless they are real idiots and think what is inside a bomb is not chemicals.

Remember -
  1. Vietnam War was a farce -
  2. Afghanistan is an ongoing mess - Why? Read this and this. War on terrorism is like a war on ideology and you can never win. 
  3. Iraq - This will go down as failure on all dimensions - Why? Because there was no freaking chemical weapons in Iraq and that was the reason the war started in the first place. Read this and this.
I always think of these chemical weapons, poison gas incidents are just excuses and a conspiracy by weapons manufacturers and the capitalists to create war to get rid of their inventory and make profits. Too much inventory and no place to test your products is not a good business model is it? And with Iraq war done, Afghanistan wrapping up, Iran getting nicer... where is next opportunity? Oh yeah.. Syria. My head is light years away from understanding the whole concept how you can solve the issue of killing people with chemical weapons by killing more people.

Some interesting links:
  1. Who was instrumental in taking US to Iraq? - This guy. Where did he work before? - Here. Why is this a relevant question? - Because of this and this. Its all private interests and money.

[Random] Stop taking crap! Start acting

This blog post is with reference to this article -

Note: My intention is not to defend India (I call myself a world citizen and don't associate myself to one country - In my opinion that is a very short sighted view of the world) or justify anything. I just want to put things in perspective and share my opinion. I am all opinions!

That said here I go.

1. Staring - I call it seeing. Don't demonize it. I see women too. You can call it seeing is different from staring. But its all the same. Just don't pay attention on move on. You must be a real genius to know what people are thinking just by looking at them

2. There are always good, bad and ugly people everywhere. Its not India. It happens everywhere (I have 13 reported sexual assault alerts in the past 8-9 months in and around Univ. of Michigan campus (with an approx population of 60K - that includes students, staff of all kinds and local population) - That does not mean the campus is bad). And remember... that's just the ones that was reported. And certainly I have not seen "Univ. of Michigan: the Story you never wanted to Hear" anywhere

3. Avoidance, moving on or fighting back is the solution. Not enduring it. Why the fuck would anybody sit and endure it for ages? Just get the fuck out of the place if it really bothers.

4. Misunderstanding - When things go wrong and you have a bad experience, everything is misunderstood. Trust me. I have been in this situation. This was with a lady. After a situation, I meant no harm and all I tried to do to this lady was to be supportive and act normal. I apparently came of as flirting. That day I went and read the dictionary definition of flirting . People misunderstand easily and there is no chance to explain. My guess is that many men (I am not talking about the groping morons) in that article are/ were misunderstood

5. India is an extremely dangerous place for men - India is dangerous for men for a very simple reason. Women do not fight back! My take is... Don't endure. Gather some women (and men) and fight back against such guys instead of enduring.

6. Harassment - Harassment should not make an educated individual to feel like dying. It should make them act. What is the need of the hour? - People should STOP being fashionable, revolutionary and modern in their outlook and attire, but show that in thoughts and actions. Such men and women take actions to avoid situations or fight back but not endure crap.

And if I may add... there is way too much imagination in this article.

All said and done, there is definitely crime of this nature in India like any other place. May be more - I know for sure. But its important to understand the place and context. India is a poor country and has its own set of problems like many developing countries. That is no justification, but just context.

Very honestly, this article is over-rated. I might get condemned for the over-rating statement, but the truth is that it is overrated. Why? Because I am more concerned about the 900 people who died in Egypt last week, NSA groping into everybody in the US, the policy of "military aid" by the US and the Syria chaos among the others.

Update 1 (21 Aug 2013):

There are way too many people (Indians), who are ashamed of being an Indian and apologizing for what has happened and even make broad statements like "Why are men like this?", "India is always like that" etc.  BS I say. Their whole argument starts with a very bad generalization. You don't know what you are talking about is all I have to tell them. India has 1.3 Billion people. That is billion with a B and you are talking about a small population. There are worse things out there. I do not know what is worse. Getting groped or getting killed. I don't know.

I was told that I did not empathize with her. I truly felt bad and empathize with the student in the article. But the focus of my article was a bit different than just empathy and so it did not come out very clearly. I am against and condemn violence of any nature - against anything and everything and that naturally includes women.

Update 2 (21 Aug 2013)
One of my classmates had to share the below. She is an American and this was her experience in India. I did not change anything except for removing the names. Its just her experience and it is quite different on few aspects from the CNN article and similar in some other experiences. But what matters is the context, intensity, actions and responses.
A few comments about the FB post from yesterday. First, though: I am excited to be back in Michigan and see all of my awesome classmates! I hope your summer term went well?

I think that woman is quite extreme. Dying? Quite sensationalized.

That being said, I felt like I was an object of attention in India much more than any other country. I had a great experience in February and would defiantly go back. However, I would never go without someone who would stick with me throughout the travel. [Name Removed] was great to travel with as he was always keeping an eye out for me. At one point, our (young, "iffy") driver's friends were asking what hotel we were staying at so they could come find me. Defiantly inappropriate and I appreciated the fact that [Name Removed] did not hesitate to stick up for me.

I think your comment about fighting back is a little too much. Women don't always have the ability to fight back.

I agree with your comment that incidents happen everywhere. I was walking home from a recruiting event in Ann Arbor last year in a full suit and overcoat. A man started following me and asked if I wanted to become "friends" in an ally. It was quite an upsetting situation where I was fortunate enough to duck into a well-populated coffee shop.

I suppose the point of sharing these instances (and those were only a few select stories) comes, in my opinion, to "problem-causer, problem-neutral, and problem-solver." I have literally asked my male friends in a few past instances, "will you make sure I get home safe." Many are problem-solvers and do so. Several times the requestees have flat-out said "no." Nothing makes my blood boil more. I do not usually ask for help, so when I do it really means something. 

Men had a responsibility to protect females. This may be a little extreme, but if one is not part of the solution, they are part of the problem.

Feel free to share, just remove all names.

[Random] Note to myself

Note to myself: I have a good phone that meets all needs and there is absolutely no need to upgrade or replace. Stop paying attention to folks from the "fruit" company. And remember - I have no money to pay school fees and I also need to put fuel to my really expensive car.

P.S - If you are somebody I loaned money from and happened to read this, relax. I did not forget you :)

[Tamil] கல்யாணம்

முன்பு - எது செய்வதற்கு முன்பும் இவ்வளவு யோசித்தது கிடையாது.
இப்பொழுது - எதையும் யோசிக்காமல் செய்ய பயமாய் இருகிறது

சில மாதங்களில் கல்யாணம்!

[Random] The Tamil Argument

I have told myself not to get into the Tamil language argument. So many times. So many times. And today will be my last day. In the future if somebody brings this topic of Hindi and Tamil or asks my opinion about it, I am just going to share the link to this post.

To whomsoever it may concern

If you have a problem with the language, its status, attitude of the people and anything Tamil and Tamil Nadu, go screw yourself, your language, your region/ country and everything about you, your reasoning and expectations. We simply do not care. We will continue to be that way. Period.

[Wish] I wish!

I only wish that evolution had built a mechanism that will cause you the same pain that you cause to the people next to you - Both physical and mental! Can't wait for this long term karma shit to kick-in. I am well aware and have experienced first-hand the absence of apathy among humans. I have been angry. Really angry for days. It did not help a bit. For a while I had disowned human race - but then I also come across lot of equally good souls. Its a tough cycle.Realization - At the end of the day, all we could do is try to step-in and try to change things around you in every possible way - even if it is really really small. CKF is one such really really small effort.

[Random] Tips. Why I tip the way I tip?

Tips. Why I tip the way I tip and don't tip sometimes? 

I tip for good service and don't tip if the service is bad. Because I am a kanjoos (a slang for a miser). Nope. That's not it. I come from a place (India) where tips are not common (it is getting common now, but not customary). But, where I come from have a very small role and the primary reason for the way I tip is that, I'm of the opinion that tips are a form of appreciation to people who go above on beyond their duty of serving food or providing any form of service. I cannot (my moral compass will not let me) go with the regular/standard 10% or 15% all the time, irrespective of the quality of service offered. Tips have to be earned and not entitled to. Mandated/ Customary tip is injustice to people doing a good job. Standard tipping also encourages the culture of getting rewarded irrespective of the quality of services offered and in my opinion is a big problem.

[DADT] Remembered!

Thanks Jananni for introducing me to Polyanna. In a way, the book from you and you defined a lot of me. How I wish things were a little (only a little) different. But I am glad things are ok. Thanks again.

“What men and women need is encouragement. Their natural resisting powers should be strengthened, not weakened…. Instead of always harping on a man’s faults, tell him of his virtues. Try to pull him out of his rut of bad habits. Hold up to him his better self, his REAL self that can dare and do and win out!… The influence of a beautiful, helpful, hopeful character is contagious, and may revolutionize a whole town… People radiate what is in their minds and in their hearts. If a man feels kindly and obliging, his neighbors will feel that way, too, before long. But if he scolds and scowls and criticizes—his neighbors will return scowl for scowl, and add interest! … When you look for the bad, expecting it, you will get it. When you know you will find the good—you will get that…” - Pollyanna